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..me am tokka - GATE WAY

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2nd March 2007

7:45am: .. 2
-->> i will only keep this account to maintain contact with friends and ppl i love on LJ..

~tOkKa .. >v<

!! terriblet2z.com
..Pop-art of the monster mind.. **

Current Mood: weird

17th September 2005


suck ..suck


tOkKa's Real BLOGG **here !!

am tOkKa..


21st May 2005

9:14am: Sorry..
-->> ..sorry i don't post on live journal ..

this place is extremly confusing,techs are kinda impersonal.. & it's jsut another thing sending me on overload.
This is just a key for me in touch with my friends on here.

..my reg blogg remains @ http://www.terrible2z.com/meamtokka

..not that anyone reads it anyway.. but it's there so..

Current Mood: ..7

31st March 2005

12:06am: -->> !!

..O' wah-h00.. L.J. decided to let me back on..

gee whizz !!

..@ http://www.terrible2z.com/meamtokka/

Current Mood: .. d00m

25th December 2004

5:17pm: -->> !!
@ http://www.terrible2z.com/meamtokka/


20th September 2004

6:27pm: -->> ..ooii..
@ http://www.terrible2z.com/meamtokka/

.. ..waddle waddle..

6th September 2004

5:26am: ..barbie
-->> .. live journal is hard..
@ http://www.terrible2z.com/meamtokka/

14th August 2004

1:06am: ..

click tab to OPEN..

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